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Our dental office located in Barranquilla and Bogota, Colombia, leading the clinic of Dentistry Specialties and has been dedicated to providing exceptional dentistry for patients from all around the globe.
We are waiting for you to start working together to come up with a dental plan according to your needs, whether you are interested in Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, All On 4 Dental Implants, or Facial Aesthetic Design, and Smile Design, among other treatments.



Dentist graduated in 1982 from the National University of Bogota, Colombia. He has extensive experience in General Dentistry, Oral Rehabilitation, Functional Orthopedics of the maxillary, and Implantology. Permanent Update on the technological and scientific advances of modern Dentistry. Experience as a university teacher with the objective to ensure quality in the teaching of comprehensive adult dentistry with an emphasis on oral rehabilitation, its diagnosis, and treatment. Also long experience as coordinator of dental clinics, in quality management in dentistry, management of professional staff. Able and skillful to organize, communicate, lead people and groups with an innovative attitude, optimal care with great human quality, with a deep sense of ethics and responsibility.
In the past years, Dr. Nieto worked in numerous prestigious Colombian dental offices. Member of several scientific societies and professional unions that seek for the oral health of the general population and to maintain the highest ethical and professional values in Colombian dentists.
Throughout all these years Dr. Nieto has maintained a constant update theoretical and practice on all aspects of the profession through numerous dental workshops, seminars, and conferences.


Our principles are the basis of all our practice because they give us the general guidelines that guide us to offer the best and highest quality in each of our procedures, to obtain and maintain an acceptance based on the trust created in our patients. Likewise, our knowledge about the different types of oral diseases and their respective treatments, ranging from simple cavities to complete solutions when the patient has lost all their teeth and the possibility of maintaining an adequate consumption of food until the restoration of the self-confidence that is given by a beautiful smile. The passion in everything we do is born from our love for our profession, which is a guarantee of care and dedication for each of our patients, always keeping in mind the principle of achieving the oral and general health of our patients.

Dental Tourism in Colombia

Dental tourism is in a stage of sustained development due to several factors among which we can count the prestige of South American health professionals, the ease of traveling, and the combination of costume and recreational medical tourism in America and Europe. This is the ideal time for you to make the intelligent decision to carry out your dental treatments in our country, with the enormous advantages that we offer such as excellent professional quality with very achievable final costs for all budgets. We are sure that our country will welcome you with the warmth of its people and our land will make you feel one more of ours. The Colombian Caribbean and especially the beautiful city of Barranquilla are just a few hours flight from the main cities of North America, ready to provide you with a wonderful experience.

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Dental Services


Modern dentistry has found a new horizon and development field to offer new and novelty treatments and State-of-the-Art technology with spectacular results. The basis for modern dental implants is a biologic process called Osseointegration of the titanium implants.


Oral rehabilitation includes almost all traditional dental treatments but with permanent updates in the materials used and diagnostic techniques with digital x-rays and Cone Beam CT Scam technology.


how to improve your appearance, how to achieve a pleasant smile? Dental cosmetics have changed our perspective with the advent of resin veneers or Veneers, which are veneers made in the laboratory with durable and beautiful results in size, shape and color.


The new point of view for a solution when most of the teeth that we still have have an uncertain and difficult future. In just one day and under strict and orderly planning, it is possible to rehabilitate the chewing capacity and the smile with an ALL-On-4 or ALL-On-6 treatment in a combination of implant therapy and prosthodontics.


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