The loss of teeth can be due to many reasons, such as cavities, periodontal disease, unbalanced chewing forces, the non-formation of a tooth (anodontia), trauma, accidents among others.The absence of a single tooth can trigger chewing and muscle imbalances that ultimately have consequences for other teeth and overall oral health. We can also see our appearance seriously compromised by smiling and thus diminish our self-esteem and sociability.Dental science has successfully developed implant therapy, with more reliable and successful results every day. An implant consists of a screw made of titanium to replace a tooth root, which qis positioned within the bone and allows that after a few months of 

settlement, support rehabilitation of the lost teeth with the recovery of dental crowns, single units or in fixed bridges and total dentures for those They have lost all their dental work. We can also offer Mini Implants, intended to stabilize upper or lower dentures to avoid the lack of a good retention and let the patient chew the food in the right way. The mini implant is smaller than the regular implant screw. New wonderful dental solutions are: All-on-four dental implants, designed to support a total denture when the patient loses all their teeth, in this way is possible to lower the final cost because the case needs fewer regular implants who have to replace several or all teeth This procedure is done in a single day only. In these cases the denture is fixed permanently allowing it to eat immediately as your natural teeth.


The purpose of dental rehabilitation is to restore the patient’s chew capabilities, physical masticatory muscle work, gums and bone sensory, regular verbal activity, and lost teeth due to illness, or bucal disease. Oral or dental rehabilitation assumes a wide range of solutions for various dental problems that have been caused by common diseases of the mouth such as cavities and periodontal disease among others. Based on extensive examination and correct diagnosis, solutions are given for each type of problem such as individual crowns, fixed bridges and dental fillings. Crowns: their function is to rebuild severely damaged parts.

Today, they are made of zirconia, a very resistant material that perfectly imitates the shade of natural teeth. With them, not only aesthetics are improved, the functionality of the piece they cover is also recovered. A patient with their mouth restored can feel confident in eating properly, processing food optimally so that the digestive system absorbs them well, avoiding or enduring much better much of the bodily diseases. We also know that the ability to smile lets the road clear for us, because a nice smile always opens thousands of doors.
We can found some of the advantages of dental rehabilitation
1. Crowns restore the shape, function and color of the teeth
2. Crowns protect broken down tooth
3. Dental bridge can be hold and supported, working over a adjacent teeth
4. Restore a weak teeth crown because it has no vitality
5. To get a filling that replace the tooth destruction because cavit


What is cosmetic dentistry ?
This is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the aesthetic aspect of the denture. Through different treatments, it solves common problems such as chipped, separated or uneven teeth; tooth discoloration or stains on some parts; excessively visible gums, absence of teeth, etc. Our face is the letter of introduction to other human beings and the smile is one of its main components. Our confidence in ourselves, turns on many occasions in the fact of having a happy and pleasant smile.Dental cosmetics integrates all the knowledge of dentistry, to obtain excellent results for patients, without age difference or dental deficiencies.

From a simple tooth with decay or broken, to the change of color of the same, thanks to a tooth whitening, from an anterior veneer that changes size, shape, and color, to the possibility of replacing the entire denture when it has been lost, placing implants that can firmly support and retain a complete prosthesis.
Advantages of cosmetic dentistry
Thanks to the different treatments, cosmetic dentistry achieves that the patient recovers or can show a natural and beautiful smile. This is an important factor at the level of social and work relationships, and it helps to gain self-confidence. On the other hand, they are treatments that are carried out in very few sessions, so the results are appreciated immediately. And, in addition to that, they are painless, in the worst case, the patient will hardly notice a small discomfort. There are many possibilities that we are able to offer our patients and to resolve any doubts that may arise we will always be ready to communicate directly with you with the empathy you deserve. Cosmetic dentistry helps the patient to improve their personal appearance through smiling.
Whitening: certain foods, tobacco, some medications, genetic factors, or age can alter the normal color of the teeth or cause stains to appear. With this treatment it is possible to lighten the tone of the pieces in various tones, making them homogeneous and natural again.
Hide defects such as small trauma, pieces of different sizes or separated, or discoloration. Previously, a study of the teeth was carried out to design veneers that fit the facial characteristics. In the case of composite, a resin is applied to the tooth and it is carved. Lumineers veneers, made of porcelain material, are manufactured in the laboratory and then placed on the teeth.
1. They provide a natural tooth appearance
2. The enamel is not completely removed during the preparation
3. Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant
4. Offer a conservative approach, since not a lot of grinding takes place, to changing a tooth’s color and shape and with simpler procedure than the crowns

A veneer is a thin, custom-made shell or layer made of a special material, normally porcelain, placed over a tooth to improve the aesthetics of a smile and to protect the tooth’s surface from damage. porcelain veneers are digitally made at our latest technology dental lab.


Every day dentistry offers new and effective treatments that were not a reality a while ago. One of these treatments offers the possibility of reducing the delivery time to a minimum, managing to change the traditional perspective of several visits and waiting weeks to finish a case.
Have you lost your teeth? Are you sorry about your smile and daily appearence or do you need major repairs? You have periodontal disease and have lost a lot of bone ? or do you need root canals and rehab? We see all these problems daily, and probably you are not happy; you cannot laugh more and because your smile and this creates inconveniences in your social relationships?

You cannot eat everything that the restaurant menu offers or has trouble processing food. Are you tired of all the sum of dental treatments performed in your mouth such as bridges, crowns, behavioral treatments, etc., which after a while end up failing and with the need to do them again? We have the solution for you, and that is the placement of dental implants to support complete dentures.

When a terminal dentition occurs we can find the following factors:
1. Periodontal disease
2. Extensive cavities
3. teeth in very poor condition or with defective restorations
4. Loss of several teeth

Some of these conditions or a mixture of several may be present and therefore the remaining bone will not be able to support the placement of individual implants. The solution that can solve all your problems in a single day is by placing four implants that will support your full denture or bridge. Have you been told you don’t have enough bone to place implants?

Why choose the All On 4 treatment?
1. You can get your smile back in just one day.
2. Your time is valuable
3. It is durable and easy to maintain.
4. It is an immediate and real benefit.
Come to talk with us to explain in detail about All On 4 treatment. We are pleased to hear from you to resolve your condition.